In 1993 Brad Levy and Veva Edelson were working at Embarko Restaurant. Brad was a frustrated chef, and Veva was a frustrated artist and line cook. Both shared the dream of a restaurant where the food was great, the service attentive, and the atmosphere magical, where the employees were interesting and kind people, who were encouraged to be themselves and honestly offer a great dining experience. They dreamed of a restaurant where the customers felt like they were at a friend’s house for dinner and that friend just happened to be a great cook. Brad and Veva were indeed dreamers, but more importantly, they were inexperienced and naïve enough to believe they could actually pull it off.

They began searching for a place with a stove and room for some tables and chairs. What else could you need? They already had a name. After weeks of constant brainstorming and countless bad restaurant names, Brad called Veva one night and said "Firefly?" and both immediately knew that it was perfect. They walked into the restaurant known as La Roca, which in its prime was a bustling, immensely popular Latin seafood restaurant. But under different ownership, it was nearly empty every night. Both Brad and Veva really liked the setting, nestled in the blustery far-reaching outskirts, away from what most people perceive as Noe Valley. After looking around for about two minutes, Brad was ready to walk out. This was one ugly restaurant! Veva took out her sketchpad and began making some little scribble drawings. Brad said, "let’s go". Veva said, "it could work". Besides, it was the only place they had seen that they could afford to buy.

With a few dollars left over and a couple of talented friends, they began the work of creating a dream out of a nightmare. With Veva’s resourceful vision, the dining room became a land of comfort and whimsy. With Brad’s dogged determination, the layers of caked on grease were stripped off and the ancient cooking equipment was resuscitated.

Darling Childhood
On Nov 3, 1993, Firefly invited their friends and family to a run-through night. They ran out of most of the food by eight o’clock; napkins and menus alike caught fire from the open flames burning on the tabletops; Brad's parents were aghast that when the bathroom door was opened, you could see inside it from the tables. The following day, Brad was thinking, "what have I done?" while Veva was hanging a regal velvet curtain to block the view to the bathroom.

Many Friends and even family were hired because Brad and Veva thought it would be so great to be surrounded by loved ones, working together to bring magic into a brief moment in their customers’ hectic lives. After a couple of weeks, they decided it would be better to hire people who actually knew what they were doing, but also the kind of people who they wanted to become their friends and family.
Most of our employees over our 15 year history have become our family, and even when they move on to pursue their dreams, they remain an integral part of the spirit of our restaurant.

Awkward Adolescence
When they were looking for a restaurant, Brad and Veva were thinking that 20 seats would be nice. Then they could cook everything themselves, serve everyone themselves, and then clean up when they were done for the night. Veva would hand make all the plates and tableware, and there would even be particular plates designed for specific menu items. Suddenly they found themselves with a sixty-seat restaurant and no management experience between them. They discovered that people don’t just automatically do what you want them to without asking them. Or often even WITH asking them. They found that not all people are honest or trustworthy. They wanted to love ALL the customers and then found artwork missing from the bathroom at the end of the night. They found that when an employee didn’t show up for work, they had to work, no matter how much they had been working already. They found that often the day would leave them feeling like there was no way to go on.

But then, they began to see how beautiful their restaurant was. They felt what it was like to be appreciated by those they served. They had created a family, with all the good and bad that comes with it, and that had made it worthwhile.

Now Firefly has reached adulthood, but we continue to grow and learn. Michael Flores is our manager, and we couldn’t ask for more. He has breathed new life into our aching bones. If you’ve been to Firefly recently, it’s likely that you’ve had the good fortune to be greeted by Michael's warmth and vitality.

Our Chef de Cuisine is Haley Sausner, the greatest chef you've never heard of. Check back soon to hear all about Haley who has risen through the ranks and is the newest member of our management team.

It would be criminally negligent not to mention the dream world of magic (think unicorns and rainbows) flying out of the mind of our gifted pastry chef, Debbie Hughes.  Always deftly balancing the warm comfort of tradition and the toe-tingling thrill of the new, Debbie is sure to bring your meal to the soft, glowy close afforded only by the best desserts.

Brad’s wife, Jennifer, joined the management team as Firefly’s bookkeeper and overall voice of reason. But perhaps the greatest additions to the Firefly team are Brad and Jennifer’s daughters, Essie (8) and Elisha (6). Essie has already begun her restaurant management training and is feeling quite comfortable directing the staff to execute her vision of the perfect restaurant, which for now just means that everyone does whatever Essie wants them to do. Elisha is already the perfect host, making everyone feel welcome and loved.

Veva has ventured out into the world of possibilities, but still adds her creative touch now and again. If you see a particularly inspired flower arrangement, or some beautiful new curtains gracing our walls and windows, chances are Veva’s been around. Brad is still cooking, although most often it’s for Essie and Elisha.

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